Friday, October 1, 2010

Out of work for SO LONG!!

So, today I saw my psychiatrist and she said I should be out of work for at least another 3-4 months because my PPD etc. was so severe. Now I may not be back at work until the new year. She also recommended I take some time away from my sweet precious baby. :( Thankfully we have family and friends that are willing to step in and help. She said she normally doesn't suggest time away from the baby, but she thought it was for the best. He is at his Adoptive Grandmother (Yolanda's) house this weekend and I miss him so badly. This is just a vicious cycle..... But my anxiety is so high and my poor husband was doing everything. We also hired a nanny to help with everything.

I've been going to my outpatient program at the hospital and will be going for another 6-8 weeks. That coupled with the meds should put me back on track and I get to see my sweet LO on Sunday.

All in all.... freakin' PPD sucks!!!!


  1. You are the first person I have come into contact with who wants to be with her baby all the time. Most women want nothing to do with their baby. I'm at work right now, 20 months postpartum (as of today actually I just realized) and I am dying inside to be with my son. I have two other sons and this is my first battle with PPD/PPA. Yes, it does suck.

  2. It sucks horribly. I feel horrible if I don't get to see my son or be with him. Then I feel horrible when I'm with him. It's a vicious cycle. But, I'm trying to make today a good day, so I won't think about that. :)