Monday, November 1, 2010


Can't sleep... cannot sleep. It's been about two weeks of either insomnia or nightmares. Hmmmm. Interesting. What is this new development you might ask? So do I! I told my husband earlier today we might have a "Fight Club" scenario on our hands if we're not careful. So, tonight, 1 1/2 Ambien, 10 mg Abilify, and sleep? God, I hope so. Yoinks! The child just projectile vomited!


  1. The insomnia is the worst part for me right now. Like shoving spheres under my nails! Yesterday, I got an RX for sleeping meds. Ambien makes me feel hung over the next day so it's not that. I took one last night and slept some but it didn't knock me sideways like I had expected. Tonight I'm doubling the dose per my dr. and praying for a miracle. I'm so tired right now. I shouldn't be driving. I wish I could be at home with my baby instead of working anyway....

  2. I'm sorry that you're dealing with the same thing. It's rough. Last night, I was knocked sideways and barely remember the nanny showing up. I guess we talked.... Don't remember. We have a nanny to watch him on Mondays and Wednesdays because of my condition and my husband has Lupus. Winning combination...... Try to get some sleep Mama! :) Hang in there!